About the Exhibition

The Holy Kaaba exhibition is running at the Heritage library exhibition, from the 1st May until 30th October 2019. This digital exhibition highlights 50 items that were carefully selected from our Heritage Library. They offer insights into the history of the Kaaba, the known stages of its construction, its architectural features and adornment, and its religious and spiritual significance. These photos, works of art, manuscripts and books testify to the deep effect the Kaaba has had on its visitors for centuries. As you explore through this exhibition, join the countless pilgrims who have made the sacred journey around the Kaaba with awe and faith.

This exhibition is curated by the Heritage Library team:

Aysha Al-Ansari\Ada Romero\Christopher Alario\Giulia Martini
Ikhlas Ahmed\ Mahmoud Gomaa\ Moez Dridi\ Walid Abdulwahed